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    Reliance Jio first operator to receive Platinum Certification for Open APIs


    With 23 certifications from TM Forum, Jio shares platinum status with Comviva, Inspur, Tecnotree, Totogi and Whale Cloud

    Reliance Jio, India’s largest mobile operator with more than 400 million customers, has achieved Open API Platinum conformance certification from TM Forum.

    The Forum is an industry association whose mission is to drive digital transformation through collaboration.

    Jio has been a member of TM Forum since 2010 and has massively disrupted the Indian market.

    Open APIs are assuming ever greater importance in telecoms and will be essential as telcos’ systems and infrastructure move into cloud-native environments. 

    Who needs APIs?

    TM Forum’s API initiative was launched in 2016 with the backing of and API contributions from BT, Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone. Its APIs are open and standardised, and designed to enable controlled, secure interoperability as simply as possible through reuse of the APIs wherever possible.

    Jio attained Platinum certification by implementing more than 20 Open APIs to integrate software that runs its IT and networks. According to the Forum, “The Open APIs make integration straightforward between software applications from Jio’s suppliers as well as their own software.”

    By using TM Forum’s Open APIs, organisations can:
    • improve business agility by supporting a modular architecture that fosters reuse as capabilities are exposed through the APIs
    • partner for new services by providing services to and consuming services from third parties
    • simplify IT and network estates through streamlining systems
    • reduce time to market by enabling quick configuration and reconfiguration of systems and capabilities to deliver new business solutions.

    Monthly downloads

    The Forum claims that each month its Open APIs are used by 2,300 unique users from more than 430 different companies, downloading over 12,000 API assets, totalling 480,000 downloads since launch.

    The Open API manifesto is signed by 102 global operators and vendors and the Open APIs are deployed all over the world. Since January 2021, 32 TM Forum member companies have certified 274 Open APIs.

    Kiran Thomas, President at Jio comments, “As India’s largest connectivity provider it is crucial for us to have a flexible, agile and scalable infrastructure to support business growth and innovation.

    “To do this we have deployed cloud-native IT and networks, including building some of our own software components, and adopting open standards such as TM Forum’s Open APIs.

    “Through conforming to these, we have access to standard interfaces that make integration straightforward between software applications from our suppliers as well as home-grown software.”