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    SFR, Gemalto target businesses with cloud-based authentication product


    Digital security software company Gemalto and French telecom provider SFR have joined forces to provide a Cloud-based authentication solution for businesses.

    Their OTP (one-time password) service aims to increase network security and eliminate issues relating to lost or forgotten passwords.

    Using Gemalto’s Protiva Cloud Confirm software, the companies have developed an end to end solution that allows users to access services securely within the cloud by entering their SFR username combined with an OTP. The OTP is randomly generated and only valid for that session. Gemalto’s software will see the OTP delivered through an SMS text or via a smartphone app.

    The Cloud solution, aimed at business customers, ensures secure access to cloud-based servces including applications and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). SFR said it hopes that it will aid enterprises as they diversify their work strategies, by facilitating remote access from a range of devices without compromising security.

    Amongst the advantages offered by the all-in-one solution are its potential to be used across devices such as smartphones, tablets, or PCs, which would give employees the potential to access private business networks remotely and securely, or in the workplace through their own devices. By removing the need to memorise passwords, the companies said they hope to decrease calls to enterprise helpdesks relating to lost or forgotten passwords, which will in turn result in “substantial savings” through decreased customer service costs.

    “Protiva is based on open standards, so it is flexible and future proof,” said Marc Hudavert, Senior Vice President of Identity and Access at Gemalto. 

    Jean-Frédéric Karcher, Head of Security Marketing for SFR Business Team said: “Cloud services offer an opportunity for SFR to add value to existing business relationships, as well as attract new customers. Latest security standards, data sovereignty and utmost simplicity are key requirements for enterprise customers. With the Gemalto solution in place to leverage the smartphone we have a significant differentiator that establishes the highest level of trust in our new service.”

    Gemalto has predicted that by 2016, cloud-based authentication services to be used by 30% of businesses.