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    SFR talks up summer 4G+, fibre growth


    SFR passed almost a quarter of a million new premises with fibre during July and August and increased its 4G and 4G+ coverage, the French telco announced in its latest network update.

    The operator rolled out fibre to 234,000 additional premises across 308 municipalities, of which 232 gained access to fibre for the first time, it said.

    As a result, its Fibre de SFR FTTH/FTTB service, which terminates either via optical fibre or coax, is available in 2,100 municipalities to 11.8 million premises.

    SFR also reiterated its claim to having the largest number of 4G mobile antennas in France, according to l’Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR) data, with 33,365 at the end of August.

    During the preceding two months it extended 4G coverage to 567 additional municipalities, of which 540 have fewer than 3,500 inhabitants and rolled out 4G+ to 803 municipalities, taking overall 4G coverage to 97% of the population.

    11 new municipalities gained access to 4G+, with speeds of up to 300Mbps, while 4G+ at up to 500Mbps, made possible through carrier aggregation, is available in Bordeaux, Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Marseille, with more than 10 major cities scheduled for rollout before the end of the year, SFR said.

    “From 2019, SFR will offer 4G speeds up to 1Gbps, before the expected arrival of 5G in 2020,” SFR said.