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    SFR to launch LTE and DC-HSPA, plus shared data plans


    Starts on road to shared data plan with multi-SIM offer

    SFR has announced that it will launch commerical LTE services in Lyon on November 28. There will be a "range of devices" available with rates based on new Dual Carrier HSPA tariffs announced today (see below).

    As well as the LTE launch in Lyon, by the end of the year SFR also wants to have 60% of the population coverage with Dual Carrier (DC) HSPA – the version of HSPA that offers a theoretical maximum of 42Mbps.

    DC-HSPA rollout began in late 2011. Up until 21 September, the iPad has been the only DC-HSPA compatible device, although the iPhone 5 (launched on 21 September) is also DC-HSPA compatible, as are the HTC One XL and the new Motorola Razr HD, available on SFR from 25 September.

    SFR says it currently has 88% of the population covered with 21Mbps HSPA.

    Broadband Tariffs
    SFR today announced 6 new tariff packages for users of its DC-HSPA network. The packages offer 2Gb, 4Gb and 6Gb of monthly inclusive usage, in addition to free WiFi.

    Prices start at € 49.99 / month (with dvice), from 2GB of data, using a Dual Carrier compatible device.

    • IPhone 5 * from € 139.90 (€ 339.90 less € 200 cashback) with Formula 6GB Square;
    • The Motorola Razr HD * from € 1 (€ 199.90 to € 198.90 less rebate offer) with Formula 6GB Square;
    • HTC One XL * from € 99.90 (€ 299.90 less € 200 cashback) with Formula 6GB Square.

    Shared data
    The operator is also offering a "MultiSurf" package, with two SIMs under the same data package, to share a data allowance between a phone and tablet, say.

    Finally, the operator has introduced a new Gold, Silver, Bronze customer support strategy, with the level of service for each user included in their package.