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    Sigfox tapped for smart energy services


    Sigfox will connect one million Glen Canyon smart meters to its IoT network and provide meter reading services to French utility company Sogedo.

    In the first of two deals announced this week, smart meter supplier Glen Canyon Corp will connect its units to Sigfox’s IoT network to enable two-way communication between meters and energy providers.

    Glen Canyon’s smart meters offer automatic meter reading that allows energy companies to monitor usage and customers to moderate consumption in real time.

    The US-based company said the agreement with Sigfox would allow it to offer its smart meters and monitoring services as a turnkey solution wherever Sigfox’s IoT network is operating. 

    John Heibel, CEO of Glen Canyon, called Sigfox’s network “an obvious choice” for its smart meters.

    He said: “We designed our meters to provide valuable, real-time data at the lowest cost possible, and the Sigfox network enables that better than any alternative. Plus, having tested all LPWA solutions, we have found that Sigfox clearly outperformed other solutions in regards to cost of radio modems, deep indoor penetration and reliability.”

    Sigfox will also provide remote meter reading technology to French water utility company Sogedo as part of a separate deal announced this week.

    The solution will allow Sogedo to provide real-time usage measurements for customers, as well as allowing local authorities to monitor data from pipes, meters and other infrastructure, Sigfox said.

    Nicolas Vivian, technical director of Sogedo, said: “Our partnership with Sigfox enables quick implementation of smart-utility features across our entire system, which will improve performance of water-service providers and make them more efficient and competitive.

    “In addition, Sigfox’s easily integrated connectivity and excellent performance indoors enable any water meter set to be installed on the water network to transmit its data.”

    According to Sigfox, the company’s IoT network is currently live or being deployed in 10 European countries, in addition to the US.