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    Sigfox targets enterprises with new end-to-end solution


    Sigfox has launched an end-to-end IoT solution aimed at accelerating adoption of its technology among enterprises.

    Sens’it Discovery comprises a small device, an associated application and Sigfox connectivity in the 45 countries the company has coverage.

    The device comes with a thermometer, hygrometer, light meter, accelerometer and reed switch to detect the opening of a door, as well as a central button.

    Sigfox said the solution was built for use cases including environmental monitoring, custom alerts via text or emails, for the likes of package delivery, tracking the movement of a specific object, or monitoring items in an office environment.

    Developers can also use the device as a development kit, create their own firmware and reconfigure the device through an SDK offered by Sigfox.

    They will get access to device data on the Sigfox cloud and be able to build custom apps to change device behaviour and adapt the sensors’ logic.

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    A spokesperson said: “Through digital transformation, companies from all verticals seek to optimize their processes and performance, in terms of costs, battery life, and ease of  industrial data collection.

    “Finding solutions like this for millions of businesses is the reason why more and more developers and businesses start their journey into IoT.”

    There are more than 2.5 million objects connected to Sigfox’s network, with the company targeting six million connections by the end of this year.

    It is also holding developer camps this summer as it seeks to broaden the applications for the solution.