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    South Africa finally gets spectrum auctions underway


    The legal spat between the regulator and Telkom South Africa (Telkom) continues.

    The opt-in stage of bidding in South Africa’s spectrum auction has finally got underway.

    South Africa’s Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) noted the latest developments in the review application filed by Telkom but “reaffirms its position that there is no legal impediment to the auction proceeding”.

    ICASA has issued two licences for spectrum which is in high demand spectrum and raised a total of ZAR2.65 billion (about €159 million).

    Three bidders submitted valid bids – Cell C, Rain Networks and Telkom – but only two gained spectrum licences.

    Telkom South Africa paid ZAR1.5 billion for two blocks of 10MHz in the 800MHz band. RainNetworks paid ZAR1.15 billion for two 10MHz blocks in the 700MHz frequency band and a block of 10MHz in the 2600MHz band.

    ICASA stated the main phase of the auction will take place on 10 March when six qualified operators can bid for spectrum.