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    Sparkle provides Brazil’s Vero Internet with international links


    Vero Internet is a fast-growing alternative ISP with a presence in 96 Brazilian cities so far.

    Sparkle, among the top ten global operators, has been selected by ISP Vero Internet to provide it with international connectivity. Vero Internet has about 350,000 subscribers and a presence in 96 cities in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and Minas Gerais.

    By 2023 the operator plans to serve 200 municipalities by investing over R$ 750 million on network expansion, acquisitions and digital transformation.

    Diverse routes

    Vero Internet will connect to Sparkle’s global IP Transit backbone Seabone, which the Italian-woend operator says the first Tier-1 backbone in Latin America.

    “Partnering with Sparkle enables us to get high-speed access to global contents and thus improve the navigation experience of our customers. This is a great competitive advantage for us”, commented José Felipe Ruppenthal, Engineering Director at Vero Internet.

    With 12 PoPs in Brazil – in Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Fortaleza, Salvador and Porto Alegre – and “extensive coverage” in Central and South America, Sparkle is positioning itself as “the reference partner for Brazilian network providers, ISPs, OTTs, content and application providers seeking…low latency and top performing connectivity within Brazil and across the Americas”.

    Sparkle also stated that thorugh its terrestrial and submarine networks – including the Seabras-1 cable in the Atlantic and Curie in the Pacific – it provides four diversified routes for connectivity between South to North America for redundancy and assured data experience.