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    Sunrise hits 3.67Gbps downlink speed on C-Band


    Sunrise Communications and Huawei achieved what they say is a record download speed of 3.67Gbps using multiple 5G smartphones in one 5G cell in Zürich.

    Using 100MHz of C-Band spectrum, the test was performed in Sunrise’s live commercial network with Huawei equipment. Achieving the 3.67Gbps downlink speed broke the partners’ previous best of 2GBps.

    Sunrise provides 5G coverage in more than 262 cities and villages throughout Switzerland.

    “The continuous improvement of 5G network quality and performance will bring about more and more service innovations with broadband internet connections, offering more choice and convenience to people in Switzerland cities and villages,” a statement from Huawei said.

    Golden spectrum

    Huawei has previously called C-band (4 – 8 GHz) “the global golden spectrum of 5G”. The vendor says its multi-user, multiple input, multiple output (MU-MIMO) technology substantially increases 5G capacity without additional spectrum and power resource requirements.

    “We believe that continuous large bandwidth (80-100MHz/operator) is the foundation of 5G commercial success,” Xu Weizhong, Vice President of Huawei’s Wireless Product Line, said earlier this year.

    He added, “Combined with 32T32R and even 64T64R-based Massive MIMO technology, it can reduce the cost per bit by 10 times, increase user experience by 10 times, and push MBB [mobile broadband] to new heights.”