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    Sunrise switches on LTE roaming for customers


    Swiss operator Sunrise has enabled LTE roaming after partnering with Syniverse to use its IPX network solution and diameter signalling service.

    Syniverse said the partnership would help Sunrise connect its customers to almost 1,000 mobile service providers globally. By using the technology, Sunrise will be able to offer its subscribers voice, data and video securely.

    Mariateresa Vacalli, Executive Director, Wholesale, Sunrise, said: “Syniverse’s portfolio of LTE enablement solutions advances our mobile service offerings to meet users’ demands for quality service at home and abroad. With the worldwide connectivity that Syniverse provides us, our subscribers enjoy seamless access to all of their services, regardless of our roaming partner’s network, while also supporting services in the future like VoLTE.”

    John Wick, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Transaction Services, Syniverse, said: “Through a single connection to Syniverse’s IPX network, Sunrise gains connectivity to Syniverse’s vast customer base of nearly 1,000 mobile service providers worldwide. Syniverse’s one-connection-to-multiple-services approach is a cost-effective way for Sunrise to boost operational efficiencies by reducing the number of network connections it must manage on its own.”

    Syniverse said it processes more than six billion LTE transactions per month through over 23 million LTE roamers. The company’s IPX network connects more than 500 operators worldwide.

    A report last month from rival IPX provider BICS said operators need new infrastructure to cope with the booming levels of LTE roaming. It said deployments grew 70 percent last year, thanks to deployments in France, Russia, South Africa and the UAE.

    A separate report from Ovum said data would account for the majority of roaming sales within five years, demand which underlined the importance of IPX peering deals.

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