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    Swiss telcos see “endless possibilities” with SIM-based authentication tech


    Switzerland’s mobile operators have launched a new secure form of SIM-based authentication, with Swisscom developing, operating and maintaining the technology dubbed “Mobile ID”.

    The service allows consumers to log in online or use banking services via their mobile. All consumers need is a latest generation SIM, which is available to Swisscom customers now and will be rolled out to Sunrise and Orange customers by the end of 2014.

    Rainer Kirchhofer, Product Manager for Mobile ID at Sunrise, said the opportunities that the technology presents are “virtually endless”. He added: “Mobile ID will shape business models in areas such as e-banking and e-government and, when used in combination with an electronic signature, will simplify business processes.”

    Swisscom cited the example of e-banking at PostFinance, the financial services arm of the Swiss Postal Service, where all consumers need to log on securely is the new SIM card and a PIN. The PIN is used to log on directly to their mobile device, instead of using dedicated readers or USB sticks.

    Adrian Humbel, Head of Security Solutions Corporate Business at Swisscom, said: “Passwords are vulnerable; they are often hacked or even stolen. New and secure alternatives are therefore needed.”

    He added: “Mobile ID has the potential to soon become the most secure and simple authentication service for the whole of Switzerland.”

    It is the second collaboration between the three Swiss operators to be announced this week. The consortium said it was extending its plans to bring mobile connectivty to train routes across the country.

    The three operators have also developed their own NFC driven payments service called Tapit.

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