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    T-Labs launches global competition to find home network of the future


    The R&D arm of Deutsche Telekom is offering prize money of up to €150,000: the winners will be announced in September.

T-Labs, the R&D arm of Deutsche Telekom (DT) will launch an international competition, Telekom Challenge, on 15 January.

    Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom Board member for Technology and Innovation, said, “We are excited about innovative approaches for future and secure data distribution in home networks. From modern textiles to new routers or alternative wireless technologies – we can imagine a lot.

    “With the Telekom Challenge, we are targeting the brightest minds in the national and international research community, whether at universities, research centers or in the corporate and start-up environment”.

    Two parts


The Telekom Challenge is in two parts to which scientists and experts from around the world can submit solutions.

    The first is designated the “research stream”. T-Labs is looking for scientific papers with ideas on the next generation of data distribution in home networks and possible alternatives to Wi-Fi.

The second “development stream” is looking for measurable improvements in the form of a technical proof of concept (PoC) to improve the security of data distribution in home networks.

    Jury decision

    The jury will be led by Alexander Lautz, Head of T-Labs and include experts from various disciplines within and without DT, such as Professor Dr Claudia Eckert who is Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC) and Chair of IT Security at the Faculty of Informatics at the Technical University of Munich.


Anyone who’s interested can submit their application as a short proposal by March 15 at Ten finalists will be selected for each stream from the solutions submissions.

The chosen 20 finalists will have from April to the end of August to elaborate on their ideas.

    They will each be given a subsidy for taking part totaling €25,000 in the development stream and €2,000 in the research stream. 

The award ceremony will take place in September. The winner of the development stream will be awarded €150,000 and the winner of the research stream €75,000.

    There is no charge for taking part. What are you waiting for?