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    T-Mobile testing 700MHz 5G in the Netherlands


    From today, T-Mobile Netherlands (NL) will start testing 5G on the 700MHz frequency after it received two test licences from the spectrum regulator.

    The Dutch Telecom Agency issued a national test licence for a year for 2x10MHz of spectrum in the 700 band. T-Mobile NL was also granted a regional two-month test licence for testing on the entire 700 MHz band in the Hague region and surrounding areas.

    The Hague

    T-Mobile will start testing 5G on the 700MHz frequency in The Hague as part of an ongoing collaboration with the municipality. The Hague is on track to be the first city in the Netherlands to switch completely to 5G, T-Mobile NL says.

    Richard Marijs, network strategist at T-Mobile, commented, “The test permits make it possible for T-Mobile to already test how its mobile network and equipment work together with 5G on the 700MHz frequency.

    “This way, the coverage and performance of this frequency for mobile services [can be] investigated, [including] how it behaves in urban and rural areas and in the North Sea. “

    Spectrum auction

    The Telecom Agency will also take measurements during the tests. Use of the 700 MHz frequency band is not new as it is already used for broadcasting digital television.

    The Dutch government plans to hold its 700MHz spectrum auction by the end of this year or in early 2020.