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    T-Systems deploys Bees in new asset tracking solution


    Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer arm T-Systems is working with IoT company Roambee to offer a new logistics visibility solution that will allow customers to monitor assets in transit.

    The IoT-driven solution uses portable wireless sensors called ‘Bees’ along with cloud-based software to collect data from a range of sources and use it to provide predictive analytics.

    Field data from the sensors is combined with data from enterprise resource planning systems and external data systems to provide the monitoring information.

    This includes, for example, monitoring the temperature and location of pharmaceutical goods.

    Customers can receive real-time alerts and reporting about the status of their assets.

    The solution will use Roambee’s software and hardware and be offered on T-System’s platform on an on-demand basis.

    Founded in 2013, Roambee uses sensor and cloud technology to provide tracking solutions. The company has over 100 customers around the world.

    The service will be offered from T-Systems’s data centre in Germany.

    The partnership follows a $3.1 million investment by Deutsche Telekom in Roambee as part of the latter’s Series B funding.

    Anette Bronder, Director of T-Systems’s Digital Division, said that the solution would add value to T-Systems’s existing IoT partner ecosystem.

    According to its CEO Sanjay Sharma, the tie-up will allow Roambee to scale current customers worldwide and help it to win new customers.

    “We no longer have to worry about building our own global service infrastructure, which is needed to maintain the quality and rich experience of our services to our customers,” said Sharma.