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UK government considers law change to accelerate rural coverage 20 April 2021
Belgium's Council of Ministers launches national high-speed coverage plan 06 May 2021
Ericsson and Samsung replace patents dispute with global licences 10 May 2021
Study claims Swiss mobile infra has reached capacity 17 May 2021
Rakuten Mobile and NEC to promote Open RAN solutions globally 18 May 2021
Sweden's Net4Mobility signs 5 year 5G contract with Nokia 19 May 2021
Three Ireland first to join Ericsson’s global Startup 5G programme 19 May 2021
Mavenir to deliver 5G solutions on AWS 28 May 2021
Nokia’s self-organising software to improve EE's network reliability 02 June 2021
Nokia goes Dutch on fibre, private with oil & gas, ends Daimler patent spat 03 June 2021
Aviva and Vodafone UK launch separate automated vehicle trials on public roads 07 June 2021
London’s Mayor promises mobile coverage across Tube by end 2024 22 June 2021
Anchors away: Mavenir, DT, MobiledgeX prove ref design for global MEC 23 June 2021
Enea claims first to extend 5G core to manage 4G network data 07 July 2021
BT brings its first neutral host small cell solution to Alderley Park 08 July 2021
Vodafone and Nokia develop ML to pick up mobile net anomalies 20 July 2021
Rakuten likes Altiostar's tech so much it bought the company 05 August 2021
Rakuten partners 1&1 to build “Europe’s first fully virtualised mobile network” 05 August 2021
Rakuten Mobile’s DNA – template, replicate, automate, accelerate 05 August 2021
United Group picks Nokia to upgrade core networks in Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia 11 August 2021