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    Taqua and Kineto become one to accelerate VoWIFI deployment


    Mobile and fixed IP convergence systems supplier Taqua has acquired VoWIFI developer Kineto Wireless.

    Taqua said the acquisition would help accelerate the deployment of end-to-end VoWIFI services without the need for an IMS or VoLTE core.

    Eric Pratt, Taqua’s President and CEO, said: “With the VoWiFi market set to take off and many operators looking for an end-to-end solution, we decided to solidify our partnership with Kineto.”

    “By combining the companies we can now offer mobile service providers a truly disruptive solution that enables the rapid, cost effective deployment of Wi-Fi Calling services.  Beyond technology and key VoWiFi patents, merging Kineto operations into Taqua gives us tremendous expertise and significantly expands our sales and service reach internationally.”

    Both companies own technology used in US carrier Sprint’s Wi-Fi calling service, which was launched in February.

    Taqua’s end-to-end VoWIFI client can be downloaded by end users or embedded into smartphones by manufacturers and can automatically route voice traffic over a user’s Wi-Fi or cellular network depending on network signal.

    The company’s VoWiFi virtual mobile core, launched in June, allows users to make calls over WiFi via their native dialer, rather than having to use a dedicated app.

    By redirecting traffic over Wi-Fi, operators can elevate strain on cellular networks and better manage data throughput.

    Commenting on the acquisition, Stephane Terrell, principal analyst at Infonetics, said: “The key pieces are now in place for the VoWiFi market to see rapid growth.”

    “Mobile operators are highly motivated due to indoor coverage challenges and adopting Wi-Fi First strategies, the standards are in place, Apple is finally on board, and the vast majority of mobile subscribers use smartphones that they already connect to their home and office Wi-Fi networks.”

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