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    Tele2 IoT orchestration push gets an EnCore


    Tele2 has launched a new Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed to help enterprises manage the complexity of multi-market IoT rollouts.

    Dubbed EnCore, the platform is based on the WING IoT-as-a-service offering Nokia brought to market 18 months ago.

    EnCore is made up of a cloud-based IoT core network that it deployed as-a-service in the countries required by the customer, Tele2 explained. It has a platform for managing and operating the enterprise’s whole IoT deployment, and also serves as a platform to enable mobile operators to cooperate with one another for IoT.

    In many cases, enterprises are currently faced with proprietary solutions, the requirement to manage multiple network operators and platforms across different regions, and the need to adhere to local regulatory requirements, Tele2 said. They also have difficulty in finding cost-effective solutions for medium and high data use cases at a global level, it added.

    “As the orchestrator of a smarter world, we aim to launch services that make IoT adoption easier, more efficient and that will improve the customers daily business,” said Melissa Jenkins, CTO of Tele2 IoT.

    “While our other offerings are very suitable for both smaller and larger rollouts, this is an infrastructure service, an IoT as-a-service offering, that will benefit companies with large global deployments, or with high data usage and specific quality of service requirements,” she said.