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    Tele2 makes first 5G video call in super-connected Latvia


    The first 5G Internet transmission exceeded 1Gbps, while the average download speed on the 5G network was over 750Mbps.

    This is 15 times higher than the average on the whole 4G network in Latvia last year.

    “The Tele2 5G network at Mūkusala Business Center is working well, demonstrating our readiness to take the next steps in developing the next generation network.

    “We hope to launch this network in commercial mode as soon as possible so that all of our customers with a 5G smartphone can start using it.

    “The speed of mobile internet that we are already able to achieve with 5G technology is competitive with the speed offered by optical internet,” said Tele2 technical director Līga Krūmiņa.

    Super-connected country

    Latvia has topped the FTTH Council Europe’s fibre penetration ranking for the last three years, at more than 50%.

    Also, according to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Tele2 has provided the fastest 4G mobile Internet download rate in Latvia over the last three years: the average speed on a 4G network is 45.68Mbps.

    In addition, Tele2 achieved the highest connection speed among all operators – 123.85Mbps on the 4G network.

    Customers will be able to buy 5G smartphones from Tele2 by the end of August: The Huawei Mate20 X 5G phones will cost €999.

    “While we can say with certainty that the 5G era in Latvia has begun, it should be noted that 4G will be a mobile workhorse for many years to come, as 5G will evolve gradually due to its high cost and limited terminals and various Market availability of 5G technology solutions,” Krūmiņa noted.