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    Telefónica holds latest fixed-wireless access tests


    Telefónica has taken part in trials that demonstrate fixed-wireless connectivity using a new means of modulation.

    Researchers from the operator’s 5TONIC research and development centre worked with Cohere Technologies on deploying the latter’s turboConnect Fixed Wireless Access solution.

    The vendor’s technology uses a patented form of modulation that it said can be used to deliver connectivity to urban, suburban and rural areas.

    Cohere claimed the spectral efficiency of its technology was almost six times that of competitors. The tests achieved throughput of 300MBps in 10MHz of spectrum.

    The vendor launched turboConnect at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and it said aimed to help operators launch a cloud RAN solution using standard architecture and components such as Massive MU-MIMO.

    Arturo Azcorra, Vice-Chairman, 5TONIC, said: “The objectives of the tests were to show the spectral efficiency based on measured throughput, and evaluate coverage, the role of interference, peak data rates, linear scaling with MIMO order, real time processing, and the ability to scale. These are key performance indicators required for a successful deployment of Fixed Wireless Access service.

    “We are very happy with the results obtained, that clearly improve on those obtained with other technological solutions. We look forward to continue cooperating with Cohere in the testing of its…solutions, both for FWA applications as well as for other use cases, such as ultra-reliable communications and connections with high-speed vehicles.”

    In an interview at Mobile World Congress with Mobile Europe, Proximus CTO Geert Standaert said fixed-access wireless was a particularly attractive 5G technology.

    Also at MWC, Nokia and Facebook announced a new fixed wireless solution that used the 60GHz band.