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    Telefónica, SEAT to work on what 5G, blockchain can do for car industry


    Telefónica is working with SEAT on how 5G, blockchain and data can transform the car industry after the two companies signed a new collaboration agreement.

    The companies said they will host “innovation sessions and idea workshops” to brainstorm and test new kinds of applications for vehicles. Successful ideas will then go through pilot testing in areas where Telefónica has already established 5G networks.

    5G will offer “a qualitative leap in the capacity, quality, latency periods and speed of telecommunications”, SEAT and Telefónica said, which will offer the ability to create new kinds of experiences and services.

    Elsewhere, the companies will launch a blockchain-based proof of concept exploring how the tracking of parts within a supply chain can be improved.

    The Internet of Things will also be used with the aim of improving procurement management and supplier relations and making them more efficient, the companies said without specifying further.

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    Finally, Telefónica and SEAT will work together on new ways to collect, manage and analyse data, while ensuring consumer privacy is protected. They will also explore how big data can be used to develop better traffic and parking management throughout cities, among other unnamed use cases.

    Telefónica España President Luis Miguel Gilpérez [pictured above, right] said: “New technologies are truly going to trigger a revolution in the automotive sector, and at Telefónica we want to be the leading partner in helping SEAT spearhead this new phase.

    “How big data and blockchains will influence the sector, or how decisive 5G will be for the future of the autonomous and connected car are a few of the innovations that Telefónica and SEAT are going to work on together.”

    Earlier this year, Telefónica joined the 5G Automotive Association, which aims to extend the influence of the telecoms industry within the connected car.

    SEAT, which is part of the Volkswagen group, sold nearly 410,000 cars last year. Its Martorell headquarters in Barcelona hosts 1,000 engineers and SEAT claims that makes it the country’s largest industrial investor in research and development.

    The car-maker’s President Luca de Meo [above, left] said: “This collaboration will also enable us to use technology to develop projects that enhance our production processes and relationships with suppliers.”