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    Telefónica taps Huawei to launch enterprise big data services


    Telefónica has teamed up with Huawei to build a suite of data analysis tools for enterprises undertaking digital transformation programmes.

    Offered under the operator’s big data brand LUCA, the four core services include Hortonworks Data Platform as a service for storing, processing and analysing data, and a Big Data Integration tool, which helps enterprises migrate data to the cloud.

    The suite also offers a Data Governance tool for controlling the quality and security of data, as well as Data Miner, which analyses data to create insights for users.

    The services will be provided to customers on-demand through the operator’s cloud infrastructure.

    The tools will initially be offered in Latin America, with the service now available in Peru and a Chile launch to follow soon. Plans to expand to Europe were not specified.

    Telefónica said it would add new services to the suite later, including an application market where partners will be able to sell their own big data and analytics applications.

    Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, said: “This agreement helps us to reinforce our big bata tools as a service offering, enabling our clients to deploy their use cases on our cloud infrastructure.

    “Our portfolio combines these tools with consulting and analytics capabilities as well as with business insights derived from our data, delivering end-to-end solutions to companies and public entities, which want to capture the value of data.

    “At Telefónica we are committed to becoming the travel companion of our customers in their digital transformation journey.”

    Telefónica launched LUCA back in 2016 as a new business unit, with the aim of analysing the operator’s own proprietary data while also offering its infrastructure to third parties to help them manage their own data.