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    Telefónica Tech teams up with Saudi’s ATCSC on cyber security


    The two companies have signed a strategic agreement to jointly develop new products and services by combining their capabilities.

    Telefónica Tech, Telefónica’s digital business unit, and ATCSC, the cyber security arm of Saudi Arabia’s stc, have signed a strategic agreement to improve cyber security solutions through the joint development of new products and services.

    They will also  share best practices on managed security services, advanced professional services and threat intelligence information.

    Rames Sarwat, International Markets Sales VP at ‎Telefónica Tech, “The rapid digital transformation that happened last year has made it necessary for companies to equip themselves with the most advanced cyber security services to protect their assets. The agreement with ATCSC will allow us to share knowledge on the best techniques to detect and resolve threats in our respective markets, which is essential given the current international expansion of businesses.

    This agreement is a step that reinforces Telefónica Tech’s strategy to lead the cyber security market”.

    Digital transformation

    Abdulrahman AlManea, VP of Product Mgmt. and Marketing at ATCSC, said: “During the COVID pandemic, many organizations across the globe had to accelerate their digital transformation journey and adopt new methods of doing business.

    “These rapid changes have unfortunately widened the attack surface, this was evident by ATCSC’s analysis that indicated a 350% increase of DDoS attacks in 2020 comparing to 2019, targeting clients in Saudi Arabia. It is our core objective to offer the best in breed cyber security products and services to help protect and enable our clients throughout their journey.

    “We are thrilled to have a strategic collaboration with Telefonica Tech where both the organizations play a vital role as the cyber security arm of the largest telecommunication provider in our respective regions where we fight a very similar battle”.