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    Telefónica to put machine learning, AI into network operations


    Telefónica has started using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the self-management of its network in its home market.

    The Spain-based operator is working with Juniper Networks to develop and implement its Self-Driving Network solution, which will enable self-configuration, self-monitoring and self-diagnosis. It said this revamped network will be able to identify potential problems and self-correct before they impact operations.

    The move is part of Telefónica’s Fusion Red project, which aims to shift its network to all-IP by 2019 and improve network security, reliability and robustness. 

    Joaquín Mata, Director of Operations and Network at Telefónica Spain, said: “Juniper Networks is helping us to contextualise the next step in the evolution of our Fusion network, ensuring we always have the necessary resources and that we are able to offer the best service experience to our customers within a dynamic environment.

    “The adoption of techniques based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and control systems will guarantee our compliance with the most appropriate parameters for the requested service in terms of latency, speed and any other relevant aspect.

    “In addition, as they are monitored and analysed in real time, they can be controlled according with the needs of any moment.”

    Telefónica and Deutsche Telekom are currently co-chairing a group exploring both technologies as part of the Facebook-led Telecoms Infrastructure Project.

    Vodafone is also trialling how machine learning can improve network processes in Ireland.