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    Telenor launches VoLTE in Bulgaria


    Telenor has rolled out voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) technology in Bulgaria, offering services to a select number of customers.

    The operator announced last week that it is now able to offer voice calling over its 4G network. However, it said the service is not available to its entire 4G customer base, but only to “randomly selected private and business customers,” with compatible devices and 4G subscriptions.

    It did not indicate when it will it will extend availability to more customers.

    Telenor Bulgaria promises shorter call connection times with VoLTE than on its 2G and 3G networks, as well as HD quality voice calls and the ability to use 4G mobile data services without interruption while a voice call is taking place.

    The telco will bill VoLTE calls according to the user’s existing subscription plan for voice, rather than using the data bundle.

    Telenor launched 4G mobile services in Bulgaria in December 2015, adding carrier aggregation technology – using the 1800MHz and 2.1GHz bands – the following year to create 4.5G. This 4.5G service covers 45 cities and winter and summer tourist resorts across Bulgaria, an is also available in 87 other towns and tourist spots, Telenor said.