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    Telia Carrier chooses Ciena to boost capacity for US customers


    The optical solution will double fibre capacity and support unpredictable bandwidth demands from US customers.

    Telia Carrier is deploying an integrated C&L-Band photonic line system from Ciena to upgrade and double usable signal spectrum for US web-scale and enterprise customers.

    The international operator is deploying Ciena’s 6500 Reconfigurable Line System (RLS) – which integrates C&L-Band functions in one footprint.

    It will allow Telia Carrier to expand its US footprint, carry more traffic and offer new cloud-based services, and its software architecture supports automation and programmability.

    Deploying the L-band has been limited so far as it is has been a complex and manually-intensive process. Ciena claims its RLS tech overcomes the hurdles associated with upgrades and reduces deployment costs with impacting C-Band channels.

    The operator will also implement Ciena’s Waveserver transponders.

    Exceptional infrastructure

    Andy Haynes, Chief Operating Officer at Telia Carrier, commented, “Everything starts and ends with our customers, who need to be connected to everything, everywhere, without interruption.

    This new expansion of our network is a demonstration of our commitment to delivering exceptional network infrastructure and services, while creating a connectivity experience for our customers that is so seamless that they don’t even know we’re here.” – 

    “As Telia Carrier expands its’ geographical footprint and service offerings, our highly scalable and transformative network technologies will strengthen their competitive advantage and help them to stay ahead of the curve, claimed Jamie Jefferies, Vice President and General Manager of EMEA at Ciena.

    European lead

    Last November, Telia Carrier picked Ciena to supply an Open Optical Line System (O-OLS) in Europe to be deployed this year and provide increased capacity across the European Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris markets, as well as linking other locations in the Telia Carrier network, to create a European Express Network.

    Like the US expansion, it deployed Ciena’s Waveserver transponders, powered by Wavelogic Ai and WaveLogic 5 Extreme coherent optics.