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    Telia company finally parts with Telia Carrier


    Telia Company completed the divestment of its international subsidiary, Telia Carrier.

    The deal to sell Telia Carrier to Polhem Infra was first mooted last October. 
The transaction has now been completed as all conditions, including regulatory approvals, have been met.  Telia Company has received payment of SEK 9.45 billion (€902.4 million).

    The Swedish fund Polhem Infra was set up in 2019 and invests in and manages infrastructure assets.

    Committed investment

    Polhem Infra is committed to investing in Telia Carrier’s network, services and customer care programmes, and the two companies will continue to leverage each other’s capabilities to meet the demands of both the Nordics and the Baltics – as well as global customers.

    “Carrier operates the world’s number one global Internet backbone and together we are part of a global ecosystem,” said Allison Kirkby President and CEO of Telia Company.

    “The benefits of our combined strengths enable Telia to continue to work with and develop our global customers. We look forward to the long-term cooperation that will benefit both parties and, above all, our customers.”