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    Three promises unlimited 5G ‘at no extra cost’ and no speed cap


    Three UK says that all new and existing customers will have access to 5G with no speed caps and at no extra cost, putting the pressure on other operators to follow suit.

    “Unlimited data is crucial for people to fully enjoy the capabilities of 5G and Three will be emphasising the benefits of unlimited plans so customers can truly make the most of it,” a statement from Three said.

    Three prepares for 5G

    Three will roll out its 5G mobile network later this year, across 25 cities. The company touted its technical advantage of 100MHz of contiguous spectrum, boldly claiming to be “the only UK network that can offer customers a ‘true 5G experience’.”

    Dave Dyson, CEO at Three, said, “Three is leading the way with 5G, by providing our customers with unlimited data and the fastest speeds. Our customers will be able to enjoy and explore a full 5G experience, at the same cost as 4G.

    “The forthcoming months are going to be game-changing and with our unrestricted plans, we are looking forward to unleashing the full potential of 5G to all.”

    5G competition

    Three says 5G will be available across all existing tariffs including PAYG, with unlimited 5G on SIM-only plans starting at just £20 per month.

    EE launched its 5G service in May. Its cheapest SIM-only 5G tariff costs £32 a month, but data is capped.

    Vodafone launched 5G earlier this month. Its unlimited data Sim-only tariff is £23 a month, but the download speed is limited to 2Mbps – its fastest speed available package costs £30 a month.