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    Three UK claims it’s got biggest coverage


    Its 5G network can reach more people than rivals

    Three UK claims it has outgrown its rival UK operator EE-BT for population coverage of their new ultrafast 5G mobile (mobile broadband) network, which they say can now reach 54% of the United Kingdom. On May 10th EE claimed it is there for 50% of the UK population. Three UK is now claiming to be both the UK’s biggest and fastest 5G network, since it’s now available in more than 400 locations across over 3,000 sites. Its customers view 20GB of data a month, a rise of 15% year-on-year. Three UK has claimed it will switch off 3G by the end of 2024 claiming that 5G usage has exceeded 3G already.

    Figuring 5G

    These figures are open to interpretation ISP Review. Since individual experiences vary between different locations, the “fastest” claim currently only appears to be supported under certain circumstances, such as download speeds. On the other hand EE and Vodafone can upload faster and react quicker (having lower latency). Three UK’s claim to be the biggest doesn’t apply to customer number, but to the broadcast area. Three has fewer customers than al its three major rivals. 

    5G Focus

    However, usage on Three’s 5G powered Home Broadband packages is at an 354GB per month, which is way ahead of its rivals and on a par with Ofcom’s figure for fixed line broadband). EE was the first major operator to start rolling out the technology, while Three UK started much later, according to David Hennessy, CTO of Three UK. “We are relentlessly focused on delivering the UK’s biggest and fastest 5G network for the UK. Millions of mobile, business and home broadband customers across more than half the UK’s population are able to access our superfast speeds enabling them to live their digital lives to the fullest.”