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    TIM and Corning jointly to explore AI, smart cities and IoT


    Optical communications company best known for developing low-loss fibre tech teams up with TIM.

    TIM and Corning have entered a joint agreement to explore innovations in fibre technologies and 5G, plus data-driven services like IoT, smart cities, and AI.
    The two will focus on evolving infrastructure and broadband platforms to better support IoT and 5G requirements as these trends grow.

    The memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two businesses is also intended to foster greater cooperation with other technology providers and industry fora, to develop ongoing innovation and sharing of best practices.

    Leader in innovation

    “TIM’s goal is to cooperate today with companies that can help us remain a leader in communication services into the future as we accelerate our evolution towards the network and services of tomorrow,” said Lucy Lombardi, Head of Digital and Ecosystem Innovation at TIM.

    “We have chosen to work with Corning based on their leadership in materials science, innovation and fiber technology. This MoU is based on a shared vision of transformation through network openness, virtualization and simplification to drive a superior digital customer experience.”

    “We collaborate with telecoms operators and network solutions providers around the world to develop the smart infrastructure that our future global economy will rely on,” said Claudio Mazzali, SVP of technology, Corning Optical Communications. “This partnership intends to accelerate…TIM’s digital transformation to bring next-generation services to its customers in Italy”.