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    TIM and INWIT to deploy 5G via small cells in cities


    They will start with Milan (pictured) and Genoa to improve network capacity and quality, and pave the way for 5G.

    TIM and its infrastructure arm INWIT are collaborating to deploy small cells in Italy’s major cities to improve the mobile phone signal and support the development of 5G.

    The collaboration will begin in Milan and Genoa where they expect to install about 100 small cells and will continue in other cities and areas with high traffic density.

    The collaboration is part of the Master Service Agreement signed on 25 March between TIM and INWIT.

    Don’t spoil the view

    INWIT has over 22,000 tower sites and that number is growing fast to meet rising demand from customers, but according to TIM, more and more small cells systems are needed to improve network quality in large urban centres, as well as decrease latency for new applications.

    TIM and INWIT have already experimented with underground solutions in several municipalities, trying out small cells inserted under manhole covers in roads, especially in venues noted for their beauty or history, to keep the antenna out of sight.