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    TIM and Unimpresa to jointly offer digital services to SMEs


    Separately, TIM, the financial services arm of Accenture and Crédit Agricole Italia have signed a ten-year strategic partnership.

    TIM and Unimpresa joined the swelling ranks of operators launching offers for SMEs in the wake of the pandemic. They have signed an agreement that aims to accelerate the digital transformation of Italian SMEs and boost their competitiveness.

    They will offer technological solutions, as well as training to help develop the digital skills of employees.

    SME solutions

    The agreement’s main focus is developing IT solutions that include remote communication services, cloud platforms and ‘digital assessment’ services, to certify the level of digitalisation of companies.

    To advance digital skills in companies, training sessions will be held on innovation as part of TIM’s Operazione Risorgimento Digitale alliance between institutions and businesses to encourage the spread of digital culture.

    SMEs are the backbone of the Italian economy, and TIM is starting its digitalisation efforts with a Smart District project, which aims to encourage entrepreneurship in industrial districts.

    TIM offers companies services, drawing on the specialist skills of Noovle for Cloud and edge computing solutions, Olivetti for the Internet of Things, Telsy for Cybersecurity and Sparkle for international services.

    Unique cross-industry collaboration?

    TIM and Accenture Financial Advanced Solutions & Technology are to manage the integrated technology and telecoms infrastructure for the Crédit Agricole Group in Italy, having signed a ten-year strategic agreement. TIM claims the cross-industry collaboration between telecoms and financial services to pursue the digital transformation and management of the company’s technological centres is unique.

    TIM and Accenture are to create an integrated management platform and the understanding involves the migration of the Crédit Agricole Italia systems to TIM’s Noovle’s data centres.

    The agreement is intended to bring Crédit Agricole Italia significant savings, as well as speed up its capacity to develop its own range of digital services and enable it to respond more quickly and flexibly to new market scenarios.

    Scope of the agreement

    Under the scope of the agreement, TIM will also supply the national and international voice and data connections on fixed and mobile networks, with a view to evolving towards 5G technology. It will manage the work stations of the management offices and branches and the customer contact distributed devices, ATM and Totem.

    Federico Rigoni, TIM’s Chief Revenue Officer, commented, “We are very satisfied with the stipulation of this agreement with Crédit Agricole Italia, because it confirms TIM’s role as reference partner for the country’s digital evolution, beyond connectivity.

    “Our infrastructures and the vertical competences of the Group in all technological areas constitute the basis on which we intend to strengthen the customer loyalty we already enjoy, particularly in a segment undergoing such major transformation, as is that of banks”.