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    TIM boosts fibre connectivity in Sardinia


    TIM has named Sardinia’s Sant’Antioco as the latest Italian location to gain access to ultra-broadband services following an investment of more than half a million euros.

    The Italian incumbent said the project aims to boost the digital development of Sant’Antioco, an island and municipality in the Sulcis-Iglesiente region in south-western Sardinia, facilitating the provision of smart city services.

    It has laid nine kilometres of fibre, allowing around 4,000 homes and businesses to connect to broadband with speeds of up to 100 Mbps, at a cost of €580,000.

    Smart city services, such as those designed to detect the movement of residents and visitors to improve transport, urban mobility and security, will become available as a result of the new infrastructure, TIM said. It also highlighted possible smart city services in the areas of tourism, energy and the environment, as well as drawing attention to its own TV, video, multimedia and business service offerings.

    “This modern network enables citizens and businesses to benefit from a fast and secure connection and provides access to innovative services capable of contributing to the development of the local economy and to increasing the efficiency of urban services, for example in the areas of infomobility and security,” said Francesco Castia, Wholesale Operations Manager at TIM Sardinia.

    “[This is a] significant result, made possible thanks to the important investments organised by TIM and to the effective collaboration with the municipality,” he added.

    Meanwhile, deputy mayor Eleonora Spiga said she was happy with the collaboration with TIM, noting that amongst other things the arrival of high-speed fibre broadband will enable, “the beauties of our island to be better publicised.”