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    Turkcell claims 900 Mbps first in LTE-Advanced 4G network speed trial


    Turkcell claims to have successfully achieved mobile internet speeds of around 900 Mbps during a test of LTE-Advanced network technology in Istanbul.

    The Turkish operator carried out what is widely regarded to be the first LTE test conducted in Turkey in 2009 when it demonstrated a speed of 170 Mbps over a 4G LTE network in a laboratory environment with Ericsson.

    The latest test, carried out with technical support from Huawei, involved streaming a HD video at “4G speed”, several film downloading scenarios and viewing a 3D film at 4G speed.

    According to Turkcell, a 2G feature-length film would take “theoretically” 18 seconds to download at 900 Mbps. The operator did not clarify how long it actually took.

    “Four years ago, we blazed a trail that changed the lives of many in Turkey, with internet at the speed of 3G, which brought about the real meaning of mobility,” said Turkcell CEO Sureyya Ciliv.

    “In the tests carried out today, the indicator reached approximately 900Mbps, which set a new record for Turkey, making Turkcell one of the few operators to have achieved such speeds.

    “In an era where the speed margin in mobile internet is increasing daily, we are proud not only to introduce our customers to advancements in technology, but to also be the technology frontier of Turkey.”

    Last year, Turkcell raised its mobile internet speed to 43.2 Mbps by updating its current 3G network via Dual Carrier Internet Technology.

    In June, A1 Telekom Austria said it achieved 580 Mbps LTE-A speeds with Ericsson and NSN hardware.