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    Tweakker brings global connection to Tuenti consumers


    Tweakker has rolled out a set of APIs to Tuenti, the Spanish mobile provider with an integrated messaging and social communication app, to allow members to go online and share content regardless of where they are globally.

    The two companies have signed a strategic partnership to give the network’s 15 million users internet access through its integrated messaging and social communication app. Telefónica is majority stakeholder in Tuenti, which also runs an MVNO service, Tuenti Móvil.

    Tuenti’s core service is a cross-platform, multi-device messaging service, allowing its members to start conversations and share content on a laptop, for example, and then continue chatting on their smartphone. Tuenti stores the complete chat history in the cloud and any information is sent securely via SSL.

    Tuenti recently launched a mobile service and it said the deal with Tweaker would extend connectivity between its members, as well as providing self-care smartphone guides.

    Following the agreement, Tuenti’s customers will receive new handset settings once the device is switched on, through over the air configuration. This will allow its members to share files, images, sounds and video messages, as well as go online worldwide.

    Tweakker’s CEO, Dennis Juul Poulsen, said: “Tuenti is innovating with its new messaging and social communication app and has the perfect platform to launch a mobile offering. This strategic agreement ensures that Tuenti’s mobile customers will become instantly online whatever the brand and will reduce substantially the number of calls into its customer care centres on connectivity issues.”

    José Manuel Rey, Operations Manager at Tuenti Móvil, added: “By adding a mobile offering to our core social comms activity and targeting world markets, it was clear that maximizing the customer experience from power-up whatever the country and getting them connected would be vital to success.”