HomeNewsVodafone: faster upgrade to UK infra will boost economy by £158 bn

    Vodafone: faster upgrade to UK infra will boost economy by £158 bn


    UK operator says Government policy is needed to speed up 5G deployment in the next decade citing research published today.

    A year after its launch of 5G, the report commissioned by Vodafone reckons 5G could help change how the public uses vital services after Covid-19 and bring benefit to every region and nation of the UK.

    The report, Levelling up: How 5G Can Boost Productivity across the UK, is written by WPI Economics.

    It found that in the five years to 2025, cumulative benefits to UK output stand at more than £38 billion, and for the five years to 2030, they stand at more than £120 billion. Across ten years, this means a boost to UK output of £158 billion.

    Get on with it

    It wants digital at the heart of the Government’s economic recovery plan and for government to create the policy, procurement and investment environment to support faster 5G rollout because:
     •    High quality digital infrastructure will enable people to continue to work remotely, helping to make towns and villages across the country more attractive places to live and work
     •    5G private networks will enable manufacturers to dramatically increase efficiency, helping to revive manufacturing across the UK
     •    5G will be essential to allowing secure and reliable remote access to public services, including patients for healthcare and pupils for education.

    Doubling up

    Nick Jeffery, CEO, Vodafone UK, said, “We welcome the fact that the Government has recognised the importance of strong digital foundations and has committed the UK to becoming a global leader in 5G technology. It wants 5G to reach the majority of the country by 2027.

    “This is a commendable aim. But I believe we can and have to go further and faster.
Given the economic and societal benefits that 5G could play in unleashing a wave of new digital super towns with more job opportunities, reinvigorated high streets, more efficient businesses and better public services, I urge the Government to bring its ambition forward by two years.

    “If we can bring 5G to the majority of the UK population by 2025, then we will be going a long way to creating the conditions needed to rebuild the economy and the nation.

    Vodafone’s 5G services are available in 44 locations across the UK and 70 locations across Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland.