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    Weightless-N IoT network deployed in Denmark


    Nwave Technologies has deployed an IoT network in Denmark based on the Weightless-N standard, as it prepares to roll out smart city networks in the country.

    The network, deployed in Copenhagen and around the city of Esbjerg in the south of the country, operates in licence-exempt, sub-1GHz spectrum using ultra narrowband (UNB) technology.

    Weightless, a form of low-power wide area network (LPWAN) connectivity, is an open standard devised by the Weightless Special Interest Group (SIG).

    Weightless SIG said the standard offers range of “several kilometres” even in dense urban areas and allows for low-cost and long battery life, making it ideal for application in IoT.

    The launch in Denmark follows the deployment of a Weightless IoT network in London last month, also built by Nwave.

    According to the Weightless SIG, the hardware provider is now working with accelerator programmes in Denmark to roll out the country’s first smart city networks.

    Speaking to Mobile Europe, Alan Woolhouse, Chair Weightless SIG Marketing Working Group said: “The LPWAN space is clearly becoming the centre ground for IoT connectivity so it’s not surprising that players are attempting to position themselves advantageously. Meanwhile, Weightless SIG Members are quietly getting on with real deployments.

    “Awareness and acceptance of LPWAN technology is growing as a result of marketing by every provider but we are super confident in the Open Standard model ultimately prevailing. There’s a lot more genuine substance and solid competitive advantage behind our proposition than some of the alternatives”. 

    Meanwhile, William Webb, CEO of Wireless SIG, is currently leading a new industry forum aimed at overcoming fragmentation around IoT standards.

    The Wireless IoT Forum will focus specifically on driving open standards around LPWAN technologies.