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    White-label Cloud Services can Help Telcos Deliver True Added Value for End Users


    Cloud computing is ideally suited to meet rising customer expectations and ever more cut-throat market conditions.

    For the telecommunications sector in particular, cloud solutions are attractive because they are scalable, easily customizable, relatively inexpensive to set up and run, and offer high levels of automation and security.

    In addition, telcos can now deliver new services to market rapidly without the costs, intensive labor and high maintenance requirements of traditional physical networks, thanks to white-label products. White-labelling, used by supermarkets and electronics retailers for years, is a process by which a business can buy a customizable solution, then rebrand it as its “own” product or service for the B2B or B2C markets.

    Telcos planning to go down this route should seek a trusted white-label cloud service provider able to deliver a comprehensive and customizable and scalable suite of functionalities with automation, high security, maintenance, easy integration and training as standard. This will give the operator the time, human resources and budget to concentrate on developing quality services that meet customer demand and deliver true added value to the end user. It’s precisely this kind of added value that will make the operator stand out in a congested market, allowing it to woo new customers successfully and keep existing users satisfied.

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