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    Wind Tre boosts 4G coverage in earthquake zone


    Wind Tre has installed new 4G equipment in a newly-built restaurant area in the central Italian town of Amatrice, which was hit by a major earthquake almost two years ago.

    The Italian operator has rolled out 800MHz LTE MIMO repeater technology to boost 4G coverage in the Polo del Gusto area of Amatrice, which comprises a number of restaurants and a canteen set around a square.

    The new kit increases coverage and boosts both download and upload speeds on 4G and ensures consistency of service across the Polo del Gusto, Wind Tre said.

    Measurements show a noteworthy improvement in 4G speed, as well as a more complete and efficient general coverage of the area, it added.

    The operator designed and built the system in collaboration with the Municipality of Amatrice.

    “On behalf of the citizens of Amatrice, I’m grateful to Wind Tre for this modern and functioning infrastructure,” the municipality’s acting mayor Filippo Palombini said.

    “Strengthening the 4G coverage of our Polo del Gusto means actively supporting tourism, which has always been a key element for growth of the local economy,” he added.