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    YouTube dominates mobile data bandwidth


    YouTube now accounts for 13% of the total global mobile data bandwidth, according to data collected by the Allot MobileTrends Report.

    Usage of the video site grew 123% in the first half of 2010, having grown 90% in the second half of 2009. The site now accounts for 40% of all video streamed globally over mobile and contributed to mobile video topping the list of applications globally.

    35% of all mobile data bandwidth is taken up by video, with web browsing at 29%. Http downloads account for 16% and P2P15%. VoIP and IM account for 3% and all other apps a combined 2%.


    In terms of growth, VoIP was the second fastest application after video, growing 84% over the six months. Skype held on to its ranking as the top mobile VoIP application in terms of usage – accounting for 83% of global mobile data bandwidth usage. Yahoo Messenger was the top-used IM application, with a 29% share in terms of bandwidth usage.

    Other applications showed even faster growth rates. Twitter usage grew 310% in terms of bandwidth usage, although it remains a tiny proportion of overall mobile bandwidth. Facebook grew 200%. Overall global mobile data bandwidth grew 68% during the first half of 2010.