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    ZNYX, Adax and Aricent deliver LTE core solution


    Collaboration Integrates ZNYX Ultra5 ZX2000 Mid-Size Solution Enabling Platform with Adax PacketRunner and PacketAMC, and Aricent EPC Lite for Process Intensive Telecom Applications
    ZNYX has announced a collaboration with Adax to offer the LTE market a mid-size AdvancedTCA (ATCA) LTE Core solution based on Aricent's EPC Lite framework. Thieintegrated solution is intended to enable OEMs, system integrators and application developers to create highly available solutions adapted to specific environments.
    Designed to support a new class of integrated high-density platforms, the ZNYX Ultra5 ZX2000 offers the ideal foundation for demanding applications like LTE EPC that require high performance, reliability and scalability. The ZX2000 enables the highest revenue-generating blade capacity of any 5U platform available. With six payload slots for 10G ATCA 3.1 blades, the ZX2000 offers a significant increase over the four slots provided in standard 5U chassis.  A single ZX2000 5U platform can easily support up to 200,000 active and idle LTE users.  This breakthrough design delivers 50% more payload capacity in a 5U form factor.
    “Our vision when creating the ZX2000 was to invent a ‘right sized’ platform that capitalises on our technological expertise,” said Connie Austin, president and CEO, ZNYX Networks.  “With the additional payload slots, the Ultra5 mid-size platform delivers the benefits and compatibility of ATCA systems with an unmatched revenue generating potential.”
    This new collaboration integrates EPC Lite on the Adax PacketRunner (APR) and PacketAMC (PktAMC) in the ZX2000 to provide an LTE core solution in a 5U footprint.  The result is the industry’s most scalable, cost-effective, multi-purpose LTE core network solution in one tightly coupled resource.
    “Working with ZNYX enables Adax to deliver a complete, pre-integrated solution platform that allows our customers to concentrate on their core application,” said Drew Sproul, director of marketing, Adax Inc. “ZNYX OpenArchitect switch management software, as well as the 6-slot payload capabilities of the ZX2000 versus the 4-slot payload that other industry players offer, truly sets the platform apart from the competition.”
    The ZX2000 delivers a fully redundant platform with high availability, energy efficiency and ATCA compliant features and functionality.  Featuring OpenArchitect switch management software, the ZX2000 provides continuous “five 9s” or better operation.  OpenArchitect offers the fastest failover performance possible in packet-switched networks, which enables automatic, rapid re-convergence of the network.  
    “With increasing data intensive applications and severe network congestion, LTE equipment manufacturers and integrators need easy to use solutions that deliver maximum performance,” added Pratyush Dasgupta, vice president of engineering, Aricent Group.  “Integrating the ZX2000 with Adax PacketRunner and PacketAMC with the Aricent EPC Lite application extends our partnership with Adax and our reach in the LTE EPC market.  We are excited to leverage Adax’s scalable network processing platform, and simplify application developers’ lives by providing a complete solution-ready platform.”