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    Zscaler Security Edge and Telefónica Tech create Zero Trust protection service


    New Security Edge service blocks digital deviance in enterprises

    Spain’s flagship mobile operator Telefónica has taken steps to bolster security as the dangers of cyber wars escalate. Telefónica Tech, its digital business unit, has allied itself with cloud security provider Zscaler to create a Zero Trust culture in its Mobile Edge Computing systems. The new Security Edge service aims to provide “comprehensive security for the digital enterprise built on a Zero Trust model” which is linked to the corporate user identity with continuous risk assessment, reports Telecom TV.

    Trust Exchange

    The aim is to “ensure the best protection of corporate resources,” Telefónica said. Enterprises should see improvements in the control and security posture of their digital and hybrid systems. The system is governed by the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, a cloud-based security platform which is installed in 150 data centres across the globe.

    Sees all, trusts nothing

    The Zero Trust Exchange builds on this by analysing at least 200 billion daily transactions and extracting over 300 trillion signals, which provides a panoramic, omniscient views of events. This enables it to impose more sensible access control and quickly beefs up the security of each enterprise across its vast scale. Telefónica Tech customers benefit from gaining improved control of all data streams in a single consolidated view.

    Clarifies the cloud

    The Security Edge service is designed to help mobile operators expedite their cloud adoption. It defuses any danger presented by hybrid working strategies and, as a result, promises to boost productivity by offering a secure, scalable and flexible approach to today’s modern security challenges, according to Telefónica Tech.

    Safe digital journey

    Including Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange system in the Security Edge service simplifies the challenge by taking care of users, applications and devices over any network or in any location. “That brings tangible value to customers in their digital journey,” said Alberto Sempere, director of cybersecurity products and technology at Telefónica Tech, ”and it extends Telefónica Tech’s lead as a security service provider.”