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    Video transport service


    TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) has launched a service for mobile operators to transport video calls across its fibre backbone network

    The service, called TeliaSonera 64K Clear Channel, facilitates the delivery of international mobile video calls. Initially, the service can be delivered to 38 countries worldwide and has been developed in cooperation with a number of the leading mobile operators in Europe, including TeliaSonera.
    “As a result of the 3G drive, we see an increasing demand for mobile operators to offer services like face-to-face video calling, sending video messages and similar services”, Eva Lindqvist, President of TeliaSonera International Carrier, said. “For the mobile operator it is crucial that these services are of first-rate quality. We are now able to support this requirement with the TeliaSonera 64K Clear Channel service.” The service provides a transparent 64 Kbit/s clear channel connection between mobile networks, meaning that no echo suppression or bit manipulation is performed, the carrier claimed.