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    Xcellnet sells out to Sybase’s iAnywhere


    Mobile enterprise software vendor Sybase has bought device management specialist XcelleNet to add to its iAnywhere line of business.

    Rob Veitch, business development director for ianywhere, said that the acquisition was made in response to customer demand for the ability to manage a variety of devices, but also to integrate that with their other enterprise system management tools.
    With the aid of investment from Francisco Partners Sybase paid $95.2 million for XcelleNet. Veitch said the XcelleNet brand would continue to be run separately within the iAnywhere business unit.
    “We are already ahead in the mobile data and solutions space, in particular in mobile database and synchronisation as well as middleware,” Veitch said.
    “One of the remaining areas is the management of the applications and ensuring security of devices outside the firewall. And XcelleNet is the leading solution for mobile device management.”
    Veitch said that although XcelleNet would bring about 2,200 customers to iAnywhere there is not much overlap between the two companies’ client list.
    Sybase’s hope is that companies will be attracted by having a centralised management structure for both their enterprise systems and devices.
    “The driving factor is that the acquisition is all about growth and there are fundamental synergies in the areas we operate in,” Veitch concluded.
    Stephen Drake, programme manager for IDC’s Mobile Infrastructure Software Service, said security and device management were becoming increasingly critical for enterprise IT bosses.
    “IT decision-makers have been interested in moving critical business applications out to the edge and are focusing on the issues of device management, security and usability of applications,” he said.