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    Trigenix joins BREW community to take user interface into new markets


    Handset user interface design company Trigenix has signed a deal with Qualcomm to support BREW, the American chipset giant’s phone platform.

    Bob Last, director of sales and marketing at Trigenix told Mobile Europe that the deal would open up non-European CDMA markets to his company, as well as providing Trigenix’s T4 technology with a route to future BREW-based WCDMA phones designed for Europe.
    Trigenix’s T4 is software that allows  handset vendors, operators and users to create themed designs for the user interface, including the push of information and messaging to the handset in a non-SMS environment.
    The software is behind T-Mobile’s ScreenStyle’s product, and already supports Series 60 phones. Last said that the BREW agreement, and future support for JAVA, (by the end of 2004, Last said) will move the personalisation software away from the high end phones where it has previously resided, more into the mass market.
    The advantage of the technology over manufacturer’s own customisation options is that it is dynamic, rather than static, Last said. It also allows operators to support personalisation of all the phones in their catalogue from one platform, rather than providing individual support for every manufacturer’s own software.
    Last also claimed that operators have witnessed a five fold increase in mobile data usage since bringing Trigenix on board, as applications become easier for the user to handle.