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    Tapping into the real thing to create mobile communities…


    We are always being told that advanced mobile communication services will be all about creating communities of interest, although there has been not much in the way of tangible action from operators.

    But Telefonica Moviles Espana and Boungiorno MyAlert are teaming up to exploit a 980,000 strong community already registered at Telefonica Moviles is providing the mobile access to the Coca-Cola Community through MoviStar e-mocion, the content provider service of Telefonica MoviStar, for all users that access it through WAP navigation or i-mode technology.
    Called the Coca-Cola Movement, the the community provides a forum for young people to chat, compete for prizes, listen to music and generally hang out online.
    Adding mobile access to the site, via WAP or i-mode, means users can access content such as ring-tone, logos and wallpaper as well as account information. The first 10,000 people to register on the site will receive a free MoviStar TSM30 i-mode phone.
    “We are helping a main consumer company to create the first mobile community. Slowly, we are helping to integrate mobile technology in everybody’s daily life,” Fernando Gonza¡lez-Mesones, general director of Buongiorno MyAlert Spain, said.