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    More operators trialling Flash


    Flarion Technologies, the architect of the FLASH-OFDM wireless broadband system, has expanded its Alliance programme to 24 members.

    First launched in 2002 the Flarion Alliance programme brings together  enterprise, computing and solutions companies in support of IP-friendly mobile broadband. As part of the expansion, Flarion is welcoming three new members — Amdocs, Fujitsu, and Sun Microsystems into the Flarion Alliance Program.
    “With Flarion’s network technology, productivity devices are no longer tied to the LAN,” said Richard McCormack, vice president of product and solutions marketing, Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation. “Soon, devices will incorporate not only WiFi, but also Wireless Wide Area Network connectivity as well – opening the door for ubiquitous coverage and increased productivity.”
    “Capitalising on Flarion’s FLASH-OFDM broadband wireless technology, our solution will enable service providers to quickly launch next-generation services over the most advanced networks and drive revenue,” said Michael Matthews, chief marketing officer at Amdocs.”
    Flarion Alliance Program members cooperate to accomplish the following objectives: Enable a true end-to-end, IP-based wireless network solution based on FLASH-OFDM technology
    l Interoperability testing and/or technological integration with the FLASH-OFDM technology platform
    l Generate industry support and adoption among IP and wireless solution providers
    l Drive the convergence of the wireless industry and the Internet to create a mass market for mobile broadband services
    Flarion is currently in technology or market trials with Nextel Communications, SK Telecom and Vodafone amongst other operators.
    Alliance members include: Amdocs, Analog Devices, Inc., Andrew Corporation, Birdstep Technology, Black & Veatch, Cisco Systems, Dynamicsoft, Flextronics, Fujitsu, Funk Software, Hellosoft, HP, K&L Microwave, Kirusa, LCC International, Mitec Telecom, Powerwave Technologies, Ricoh, SBS Technologies, Inc, Sun Microsystems, Texas Instruments and WFI. An overview of the Alliance can be found at
    Its FLASH-OFDM technology operates in frequencies between 400Mhz to 3.5Ghz. On the network side, the RadioRouter base station interfaces to an edge router and transparently supports all existing IP standards in the core network.