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    1&1 scrambles to launch commercial 5G FWA by year end


    Fixed wireless access (FWA) available in two cities on 28 December…with data caps

    Germany’s new national network provider, 1&1, just managed to meet its target of launching commercial 5G FWA services by the end of last year.

    The service is called 1&1 5G zu Hause and launched in the cities of Frankfurt and Karlsruhe (pictured) and “will be gradually expanded and 1 & 1 5G at home will be available in other regions in the next few weeks,” according to the [translated] press statement.

    There are three options, each with a maximum download speed is 500Mbps and upload 40Mbps, with prices depending on data caps: the cheapest package is €19.99 a month for 50GB, then €29.99 for 100GB per month with the top offer of €39.99 for 250GB a month.

    Once the data limit is reached, the service defaults to “an unlimited data volume with bandwidths of up to 384 kbps to the end of the month”.

    It’s hard to see how this is lives up to 1&1’s boast of being “a replacement for conventional DSL, fiber optic or cable internet connections”.

    There is a provisioning cost of €39.99 and see the statement for more info about the equipment and cloud storage options, and their prices.

    1 & 1 claims to be building the most modern 5G mobile network in Europe, based on innovative OpenRAN technology. Rakuten Symphony is contracted to carry out the planning, construction and management of the brand new infrastructure.