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    Middle East bumps TETRA contracts to over 500


    This year’s review of contracts carried out by the TETRA Association on behalf of its members shows that the total number of contracts recorded stand at 505 in 65 countries around the world.

    The Middle East and Northern Europe have been the two fastest growing regions since last year’s review nine months ago.
    The highest growth by user sector has been in the Oil & Gas and Industrial market sectors. Overall growth percentages are 55% for contract growth and 19% for country growth. More details are available on the TETRA MoU Association’s website at

    l Following-up on last year’s success in the Middle East, the Association returned in May of this year to Dubai to run their Middle East TETRA Conference for 2004. The one day conference and exhibition attracted 200 people from more than 20 countries. The conference was chaired by MoU vice chairman Risto Toikkanen and opened by Jørgen Friis, Deputy Director General of ETSI.
    His presentation highlighted the benefits of open standards and the balance of technologies to address all sectors of the market.
    Commenting on the event, Jørgen said, “This conference was a great success and the TETRA MoU can be happy to have organised such an event. I was also very satisfied about the feedback and it was great to hear about how TETRA is used in real life”.
    The exhibition area was supported by around a dozen companies from Europe demonstrating TETRA terminals, infrastructure, applications and consulting support.