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    ECT provides ringback tones for Tele2


    The European Computer Telecoms Group (ECT), Europe’s market leader for intelligent value-added services, has provided a turnkey solution for ring back tone service to the Tele2 Group, Europe’s leading alternative telecommunications supplier of fixed-line and mobile telephony solutions.

    ECT thus brings its new solution to Scandinavia after successful implementations in Germany and China.

    In a competitive bidding process, ECT was recently awarded the contract for Tele2’s new product, Ringuppsignaler. With its extensive experience in ring back tone projects, ECT was able to provide Tele2 customised user and network interfaces with the shortest possible time-to-market and highest possible cost-efficiency.

    “I am pleased that our long-time partner, the Tele2 Group, has now also joined the ranks of major mobile operators utilizing our solution for ring back tone service,” said Dr. Marshall E. Kavesh, the ECT Group’s CEO.

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