Trapeze Networks and 3Com sign partnership deal to boost sales

    Two large networking vendors are to join forces to help them sell their wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment.

    Trapeze Networks will produce WLAN gear with the 3Com badge on it, and the company will work to integrate its equipment with 3Com’s existing offerings.

    Although the partnership should help drive sales for both vendors, it highlights the struggle both companies have faced in getting their respective products to market.

    3Com is trying to win favour with enterprises once more, having turned its back on businesses’ networking requirements after the dotcom bubble burst. It is still struggling to build its networking portfolio.

    Trapeze, an American start-up, ploughed much investment into its launch a year ago, but has since struggled to make a name for itself in the industry.

    The deal with 3Com is ideal because it gets to sell its technology with a well-known brand name.

    Trapeze’s ceo Jim Vogt said, “This relationship will provide us with an increase in our worldwide channel … and will allow us to reach new customer segments we are not able to get to on our own.”

    Vogt added that his long term strategy included forming more strategic partnerships with established vendors.

    Trapeze’s WLAN infrastructure is based around a central wireless switch, and includes software to plan and monitor the wireless network.